Take Your Medicine

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When I was a kid back in 1978 I got invited to take photos at the Grease party on Paramount Studios back lot. Everyone was there including John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, of course. I had no idea about the magnitude of this film and how it would be revered decades later. At the time, Travolta lived in my building at 100 S Dohney, but I never saw him.  I think that he was in the Penthouse and I was in apartment # 716. The building is still there and I drive by it all the time and  reminisce of those magical years. 
Photo by Brad Elterman

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Woman with a Head of Roses, 1935 Salvador Dali

"People are dying from over thinking. They fill their brains with harsh thoughts and it brings the body down too. Chances are no one thinks as bad about you than you."


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Oh my god, who are you and where can I get your genes??

no pain no gain

Yes ma’am!

Carla Gugino 1994 

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